sabato 2 agosto 2008

I'm not interested, thanks!

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Kahshe Cottager ha detto...

I know just how s/he feels! I would just like to snooze the afternoon away today too! Pretty cat!

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bobbie ha detto...

Typical cat-like disinterest.

Misty Dawn ha detto...

What a pretty kitty and a cute post.

ratmammy ha detto...

so cute!!!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) ha detto...

Ah, my cat is so much like yours! It must be so typical of them!
Very nice photos!! =)
Mountain Retreat Photos

babooshka ha detto...

Typical cat! The words were perfect with these great shots.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl ha detto...

Hi! Just like a cat. When you want to cuddle they don't. When you don't feel like cuddling, they do. And they usually get their way. Lisa

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