giovedì 8 novembre 2007

Tetti di Lose (Jouvenceaux and Sauze d'Oulx)

Eng- The "Lose's" roofs are much common in the houses and alpine huts building in the valleys around Turin. I toke these photographies at the Fenestrelle's fort in val Chisone and Seu, graceful and calm small place lost in the Great Forest of Salabertrand.

Fr- Les toits de Loses sont très communs dans les constructions des maisons et des chalets de montagne dans les vallées autour de Turin. Ces photographies ont été faites au fort de Fenestrelle en val Chisone et à Seu, un gracieux et tranquille endroit perdu dans le Grand Bosco de Salabertrand.

Ita- I tetti di Lose sono molto comuni nelle costruzioni di case e baite di montagna delle valli intorno a Torino. Queste fotografie sono state fatte al forte di Fenestrelle in val Chisone e a Seu, un grazioso e tranquillo posticino sperduto nel Gran Bosco di Salabertrand.

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smilnsigh ha detto...

Those are _stone_ roofs! Now I see, after going to your links.

Yes, this fort must be a wonderfully calm place.

And the Great Forest of Salabertrand must be a magnificent thing. How wonderful to have all of this, preserved, as it has been for so long.


Oswegan ha detto...

This is a very interesting shot.


Z ha detto...

Similar slate roofs are also seen in some of the regions of Switzerland. They're so lovely. In the last decades, they were getting phased out when houses were renovated, but happily, the new building codes now require that slate roofs must be replaced by new slate roofs.

Thank you for your vists and comments to my Villigen blog.

Web-OJ ha detto...

Love that roof.

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